Fasting- A System Reset


Hi how’s it going guys, I want to talk about the benefits and my experience of completing my first 3 day water fast.

Recently, I just completed my first 3 day water fast. What made me attempt the fast wasn’t anything i researched online, but as i was meditating, a voice popped into my head. The words of this voice was “3 day fast”. If you don’t know what that voice is, it’s the higher self. I advise that for medical purposes to consult your medical physician before attempting. Some would recommend not passing 36 hours.

I started on a Monday, the first day wasn’t that bad. It was slight hunger pangs and light growling. I consume around 6-8 cups of water throughout the day. This is the most important part of it by the way, hence the name. I also completed a light workout of pull ups, push ups, dumbbell curls and dumbbell presses. All the food that was sitting in my stomach were pretty much out by the end of the night.

The 2nd day was really a problem. The hunger pangs were intensified, it felt like i was being punched in the stomach. To be honest, I cant count how many times i got up and walked to the fridge just to look and close the door again. It gets real the second day. It isn’t for the faint of heart. I felt dizzy and really weak, my stomach was so empty. So I mixed a little honey with my water.

The 3rd day was much better, I didn’t really feel hungry. I stopped going to the fridge and just continued to drink water. It is important after the third day to put maybe a little salt in your water, if you plan on continuing afterwards. Salt helps the body retain water, the last thing is to become a victim of “Hyponatremia”.

The next day is celebration lol. Now, there are rules to breaking your fast at the end. The whole purpose was to detoxify your body right. So, do not overload yourself by indulging, you should have built up enough discipline. Start out smooth, with some nice teas, maybe smoothies. Then gradually incorporate some vegetables.

The extra energy boost from this process is amazing not to include other physical/spiritual benefits:

  • Promotes autophagy
  • lowers blood pressure
  • improves insulin and leptin sensitivity
  • lowers the risk of several chronic diseases

There are also some dangers associated with fasting to include:

  • Becoming Dehydrated
  • Losing the wrong type of weight

Abstaining from food and taking a break from digestion allows your body to rest and heal. When you allow for this break, your soul is also cleansed.

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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