A Little History on the Highs…

meHello, I’m Xavius. The owner and CEO here at Natural Highs of Life. I served 5 years in the US Army and completed a 9 month tour in Afghanistan. From where i was diagnosed with PTSD as a Combat Veteran. I never liked the idea of taking medicine, that i didn’t know what was in or how it would affect me. Fitness and overall health has been very prominent throughout my life. So as you can see i’m very strict on what I allow into my body. I started this company because I know there are others who may be on this same wavelength. My focus is to educate and improve the lives of my customers by alternative means of healing. Healing that’s becoming more mainstream as humanity evolves. Let’s get back to the roots shall we.

For thousands of years, Holistic Health has been the centerfold “go to” of the medicinal world. It’s been well-known in the eastern hemisphere, and starting to popularize here in the west. It’s no secret, consumers are falling away from traditional medicine because of certain side effects. Not to say “It’s doing away” just that there are different routes to healing.

When i was diagnosed with PTSD, I was prescribed medication that made me feel really weird. It was like a numb feeling in my jaw, and it made me so quiet and sleepy. My family members would hold a conversation with me and i would just zone out. It wasn’t until i found out about the benefits of meditation, positive thinking, and positive action that I started to feel better. About life and becoming more compassionate toward others. So without further ado, I present to you Natural Highs of Life.

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